1 Table, 3 Ways

HolidayJournalLifestyle | October 2, 2018

We all enjoy sitting down for a meal at a set table, don’t we? Whether we merely light a few candles, place a vase of flowers, or extravagantly plan and set each place like we’re expecting a visit from the Queen herself — setting a table turns a meal into an experience.

There are endless ways to set a table, using endless themes, and seemingly endless ways to place the flatware (hint: place them however will feel most comfortable for you and your guests, unless you really are expecting a visit from the Queen or your mother-in-law, then we recommend searching YouTube for proper flatware placement ). What aren’t endless though, are our table and dinnerware options. Most of us have one dining table and maybe 2 sets of dishes at home, so we decided to use the same table and dinnerware and set them in 3 different ways to demonstrate how you can easily infuse your personal style into your Thanksgiving dinner.   

We wanted to keep our 3 looks pretty simple – don’t get us wrong, we LOVE going overboard with the centerpieces, place settings, and table decor sometimes – it’s our thing! This time, we chose to use items that you may already have in your home, or can easily pick up on your next visit to Pineridge Hollow – we’d love to see you!   


Look 1


Look 2


Look 3


There are many rules for setting a great table but if we had to share just one with you here, we would tell you this: the people that you choose to share your table with probably don’t care if a fork is misplaced or a plate is off center, so RELAX! A relaxed host makes for relaxed guests, which makes for a dining experience to remember. Also, don’t forget to leave room on your table for the food!

Show us your Thanksgiving table! Take a photo of your set Thanksgiving table this weekend and post it on social media with the hashtag #phthanksgivingtable to be featured on our Instagram account. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.