A Reflection on Growth and Change

Journal | December 21, 2018

There are far far better things ahead than any we leave behind”  – C.S Lewis

Christmas and New Years is just around the corner as I sit down to reflect on the year.

It has been a year of change. We sold our home of 26 years and began a new adventure.  In May we moved to a hundred year old farm and moved in to the old farmhouse with our daughter Katrina and son-in-law Trevor and grandson William.  We are just now, moving into our new farmhouse after Christmas. Sometimes physical changes in our surroundings can open us up to changes in other areas. As the familiar is replaced with new, I found that it opened me up to areas of growth in all areas of life.

“It’s not the load that weighs you down, it’s the way that you carry it.” – C.S. Lewis

It has been a year of realignment. It has a year of releasing things that I thought were essential. It’s been fascinating to me how the change in my environment has opened up my eyes to areas that I needed to grow in. I really shouldn’t be surprised, I know how much I am affected (positively and negatively) by my surroundings. So many of my friends, clients, guests… and I have had discussions about how our surroundings, affects our mindset.

Living with our daughter, son-in-law and grandson has been a blessing in so many ways. For many people the thought of moving in with their adult children would not be a welcome one. For many in-laws the thought of having their spouses parents move into their home would also not be met with open arms. I wouldn’t say it was always easy, but I would say it was an amazing and blessed experience.

The wisdom of the quote above resonates on a deep level with me. I learned to carry things differently this year. I learned to be open to new ways of being and new ways of seeing the people around me. As the load shifted I was more open to personal growth and looking at the ways in which my childhood had shaped me. I am so thankful to Brene Brown for the research work she has done and her many books. After reading “Braving the wilderness” I am now reading “Dare to Lead”.

I am so very thankful for the opportunities this life gives us. Thankful that I could take a 4 month break from work to focus on our farm www.oakknollfarm.ca and thankful that going forward, the load I carry  has shifted. I am thankful for an amazing team at Pineridge Hollow that carries the torch of hospitality so beautifully day in and day out. I am thankful for fresh eyes, a full heart and beautiful big audacious dreams. 2019 is looking pretty amazing!

My wish for all of you is that as life brings along its inevitable changes that it would be a blessing in your life and that it will open up new horizons that you didn’t know existed. Merry Christmas and A very Happy and dream filled New Year.

With much love and thankfulness,

Jan Regehr

“You are never to old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis