Better together

In reflecting on 2017 and our theme for the year I am continually amazed at the significance of the statement “better together.”  I am so grateful for the many brilliant makers, vendors, growers, guests and co-workers that have created our community. I am humbled by the strength of our team and the abundance that is created by the continued growth of connections and trust.

I am anticipating great things in the year to come as the ideas continue to grow our community and beyond.

May 2018 find you with richer connections and overflowing abundance.

With love and thankfulness,

Jan Regehr


Our wallpaper is available for download here.

“The connection economy thrives on abundance. Connections create more connections. Trust creates more trust, ideas generate more ideas”
–Seth Godin


One thought on “Better together


    HAPPY NEW YEAR! JAN! May you and yours be blessed with a wonderful year! God has blessed you so much and it has been fun to be on that journey with you as you went from your first little craft house and outside tearoom to the lovely Pineridge Hollow as we know it today! I have such precious memories of those first beginnings! They were such fun days!

    Just know that God has many wonderful things in store for you! We pray that He will continue to bless you and make you a blessing to all those dear souls that you come in contact with! We wish you all the best in the New Year!

    I always look forward to coming to Pineridge Hollow. It is always such a great day — fabulous food and crafts that are always wanting to come home with me! Love your place, Jan! Blessings for a fabulous year for you! Also praying that you will have a buyer for your gorgeous home!


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