Christmas Baking

FoodJournal | December 11, 2018

Christmas without baking is like Bert without Ernie; like a cupcake without icing; like our beet chips without our homemade goat cheese ranch dip (have you checked out Chef Colin’s feature in the latest issue of Ciao! Magazine? Chef Colin actually gave up our recipe – gasp!). These days it can be hard to find the time to do holiday baking between work, school, chores, gymnastics, dance, hockey, ringette, volunteering, etc.

Our Pastry Chef Connor can help.

Let us know when you need some baking and we will do the rest. Check out our website for full options and price points, choose a Tuesday or Friday pick-up, and boom – you’re done with time to spare! May we suggest our delicious 36-piece platter for $35? This will be the tastiest, most stress-free gift or Christmas dinner offering you’ll prepare. If you choose to pass off the baking as your own, we won’t tell. Promise.

Alternately, if you have some time to bake (WooHoo!), we are happy to share our DELICIOUS recipe for our Cranberry Orange Shortbread below. It’s easy to make, and the final product is really, really good. Please let us know if you make it – post on Instagram and tag @pineridgehollow. Happy baking (or placing your order for baking!)


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Cranberry Orange Shortbread


200g sugar

250g butter softened

353g all purpose flour

90g chopped dried cranberries

45g orange juice

Zest of one orange



1) beat butter and sugar in a mixer until fluffy

2)add orange juice

3)add flour and zest

4) lastly, add the chopped dried cranberries

5) form into a roll 2” in diameter

6) wrap in plastic wrap and chill 1hr

7) unwrap and roll in sugar (coarse sugar is best)

8) slice into 1/4” slices

9) bake on a parchment lined cookie sheet at 325C for 10-12 mins

Yield 24 pieces.