Easter DIY – Centerpiece

Journal | March 27, 2018

Can’t you just feel that spring is right around the corner? Easter is the perfect time to start refreshing the home, opening the windows and feeling the sunshine! We wanted to brighten up the home for Easter with a fresh floral centrepiece using springtime flowers.
Read below on how to create your own.


Grapevine & floral wire / premade nest / premade wreath base

Fresh floral foam (Oasis)

Large freezer bag

3-5 types of fresh flowers (we used lilies, tulips, mini carnations, alstromeria & daffodils)


Step one

Create or find a base. While we made our own grapevine base, we know that not everyone has access to grapevines for making their own “nest” base. You could purchase a decorative premade nest or wreath form to create your own base. If making your own – cut long lengths of grapevine and wind them in a circle to create a bottom, then slowly build a round “wall” a few inches high, securing with floral wire as you go.

Step two

Soak a piece of fresh floral foam in water until saturated and then cut to fit your base. You may want to line the bottom of your nest with a large freezer bag that wraps around the foam so that water does not leak out the bottom.

Step three

Start by inserting the largest flowers into the foam to create the shape you want for your arrangement. Ie. – one in the centre for the highest point of your arrangement, then two stems on the sides of the arrangement like a triangle shape. All the other stems should fall within your “triangle” shape.

If you haven’t worked with floral foam before here’s a tip – if you need to take a stem out of the foam to cut it to a different size or replace it, don’t poke it back into the first hole you made, the flower won’t be able to drink the water from the foam properly.

Step four

Continue filling in your arrangement with the smaller varieties of flowers (I like to work from largest to smallest) making sure that you are keeping the arrangement balanced (ex. all your lilies aren’t on the left side) and trying to avoid any “bald spots”.

Step five

Once you have used all your flowers or are satisfied with the size and shape of your arrangement, you can fill in around the base and in the nest itself with small pieces of moss tucked into the grapevine. This gives the arrangement an extra earthy touch and helps cover up bald spots!

Step six

Feel free to accessorize your arrangement with decorative eggs, birds, etc. to give the arrangement and even more Easter-y, whimsical feel.