Greetings from Oak Knoll Farm

JournalNews | August 23, 2018

Some of you may have noticed that I, Jan, have not been around at pineridge hollow in the past months. I am taking a sabbatical of sorts. I am focusing on developing the farm as well as building our new home on the farm property.

Life has been full of adventure, steep learning curves, exciting developments and a bit of exhaustion. I have been sleeping very well after long days of fresh air and a wide variety of activities.

Join me as I take you on a photo tour of the farm.

This is Penelope. She is a first time mom and had ten piglets. She is a purebred Berkshire and the father is a Hereford Boar.

Our faithful barn cat had an adorable litter of kittens this spring. We have chosen to raise Bergs Grazers . They adapt well to the natural environment we raise them in. They are healthy, vigorous and have excellent meat flavor. We are currently raising up our breeding flock of Bielfelder chickens which will provide the eggs for us to incubate all of our meat chickens for 2019. The Bielfelder is the German “uber” chicken. It is an excellent layer as well as a meat bird.

The chicken tractors that house the chickens at night as well as provide shelter and food.

The house is coming to life! The forest view is the west view and the prairie view is to the East.

“One of the most important things about permaculture is that it is founded on a series of principles that can be applied to any circumstance—agriculture,urban design, or the art of living. The core of the principles is the working relationships and connections between all things.”
― Juliana Birnbaum Fox, Sustainable Revolution: Permaculture in Ecovillages, Urban Farms, and Communities Worldwide

The gardens and the low tunnel glowing in the early morning light.

Replanting Haskap berry bushes . We lost many haskap plants this winter due to the dry fall and long hard winter. We have around 800 Haskap bushes planted and will be one of the largest Haskap berry producers in Manitoba. Join us on our Oak Knoll farm tour on August 28th to learn more about the farm.

We celebrate diversity of species in the gardens and orchards.
The tomato greenhouse produced 200 pounds last week. What will this week yield?

Honey bees are an important part of the balanced ecosystem on our regenerative farm.

Flowers are a wonderful addition to the gardens this year. We provide flowers for the restaurant . We create boquets for retail and welcome the insects that the flowers attract to the garden.

The outdoor kitchen is a place to enjoy the bounty of the farm. The pizza oven from Portugal will be arriving shortly and we anticipate many amazing meals and wonderful conversation in this space.

I look forward to welcoming you to the farm on August 28th. Click here to purchase tickets 
Jan Regehr