Holiday DIY – Winter Pots

HolidayJournal | November 28, 2017

The best part about decorating for the holidays is the ability to dress up all areas of the home. Decorating the front door usually involves a wreath, maybe some string lights. But a simple way to bring some life to the outside of your home is with some fresh winter greenery. We’re going to transition the pots that usually flaunt your colourful summer flowers into gorgeous holiday décor.

 Here’s what you need:

  • A few large bundles of mixed greenery & branches: dogwood, poplar branches, cedar, pine
  • You can purchase these through many grocery stores and from us at Pineridge Hollow around the holiday season, or go forage your own!
  • 3 or more types of greenery or branches will add texture and dimension
  • Amount is dependant on the size of your container
  • Planters – if they are filled with soil & dead plants that’s fine!
  • If the planters are empty you may need Styrofoam or other stuffing to hold your branches in place, depending on the width
  • Accents – pinecones, ornaments, berries, lights, ribbon for around the container (totally optional and totally up to you!)
  • Garden shears or clippers
  • Garden gloves (to keep from getting sap all over your fingers!)


 Step one:

Prep your vessel. If you’re using an empty pot you may need to fill the bottom with Styrofoam or some sort of stuffing if it has a wide opening

If you’re using a pot filled with soil/old plants you may need to thaw the frozen dirt with boiling water depending on the current weather conditions. But there’s no need to remove the old plants as they will likely be hidden or just add to the texture of the arrangement.

 Step two:

Create a base by inserting your twigs/branches into the Styrofoam or soil. These will likely be the tallest component of your arrangement so make sure to centre the tallest pieces and use smaller pieces around the edges.

 Step three:

Fill in between the branches with your other types of greenery, one variety at a time. It is easier to start with the stiffest type or greenery (pine) and fill in last with a more flexible type (cedar). Keep your arrangement balanced, ie. If you put a piece of cedar on the left, make sure to add a piece on the right. Step back from your arrangement and make sure it looks even on all sides ie. The branches are the same length on the left side and the right side. Make sure there are no “bald” spots.


 Step four:

Add in accents! If you’re using pinecones or ornaments, try to stick to odd numbers. They are the most appealing to the eye.

That’s really all it takes to “spruce” up the front steps. The great thing is that winter greenery lasts a long time and you can swap out the more Christmas-y touches to keep some colour outside without looking like you’ve left the Christmas decorations out too long.

Get creative and have with your arrangements!