Holidays at the Hollow

Holiday | November 14, 2018


Each season brings joy to us here at Pineridge Hollow: spring, when our plant bulbs and beloved animals get to poke themselves out of their cozy winter hideaways; summer, when our gardens explode with colour and we get the honour of watching 2 lives unite throughout wedding season; fall, when we watch our trees and gardens turn, thankful for the beauty and harvest they’ve provided; and then there’s winter…sigh…oh, winter. 



Things are quieter and calmer here in winter, or at least seem to be. The animals are quietly curled up in their heated nests of hay, our path lights make the snow twinkle and sparkle as you walk through the trees, and you know that smell of trees in winter? It’s that intoxicating smell mixed with the faint scent of fresh cedar and evergreens bursting from our holiday planters at our front entrance that entices you to take a deep breath as you walk through our doors.



A guest once said that walking through the doors of Pineridge Hollow during the holidays is like a hug. It’s true. At once, the warmth, scents, sights, and sounds of the season hit you all at once. The delicious aromas wafting from our kitchen meets the scent of wood, cedar, cinnamon, cranberries, crisp linen, apple pies and new clothes from the store (nobody has ever been able to pin down the exact scent!).  Then you notice you other senses kicking in: you hear the Christmas tunes gently playing in the background, and you take in all the lights and garlands and candles flickering around you. It really is like being hugged, and it is all pretty awesome. We absolutely love creating this experience for our guests and frankly, we’re pretty good at it. We always look forward to seeing the delighted looks on the faces of new and regular guests as they see us all dressed up for Christmas – it’s why we do it.



We invite you over to experience our Pineridge Hollow home this holiday season. Call the girlfriends and finally set that dinner date that you’ve been group-chatting about for months; invite your co-workers for some cocktails and appetizers (beet chips, anyone?!); plan a mother/daughter date with shopping, dessert, and a visit with our piglets. No matter who you choose to invite, we invite you to choose us, and we can’t wait to see you.





Join us over the next three weeks for a weekend, or take a weekday day trip to experience a warm and magical introduction to the holiday season – November 16th to December 23rd.


Each Weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) until December 23rd

• Bon fire and s’mores on the property

• Treats to snack on while you shop in the store

• Hot apple cider available in the store

• Snap shots with the animals (Saturday’s from 11am to 2pm)

Experience Daily 

• Product specials in the store

• Photo backdrops set up around the property

• Decadent peppermint hot chocolate available to purchase in the restaurant

• Kid’s activities

• Fresh floral centrepieces available to purchase starting in December

• Christmas baking available to purchase or pre-order


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