Our Guide to a Soothing At-home Spa Day

JournalLifestyle | January 23, 2019

Inspired by the naturally good-for-you, veggie-packed line of products from The Cottage Greenhouse.

Breathe in…breathe out. Doesn’t January just feels like a breath of fresh air? The start of a new year is the epitome of renewal. Over the years, New Year’s resolutions have often centred around self-improvement. This year, we suggest that you make self-care a resolution.

Self-care can mean so many things. Whether it be taking a quiet moment to yourself, indulging in something special, or physically caring for your body. Here’s an idea to encompass all of those areas: An at-home spa day!

The words “spa day” already induces a calming effect, but wait until you see this beautiful line of botanical bath & beauty products created by the brand – now available in our shop. Products include natural salt scrubs, bath soaks and body creams in scents like Violette Fig & Black Currant, Wild Ginger & Agave, and Sugar Beet & Blossom. The Cottage Greenhouse has us relaxed and rejuvenated already.

Taking care of yourself on a regular basis has been shown to increase productivity, reduce stress and increase self-esteem. As if “Cucumber & Honey Bubblebath” wasn’t convincing enough. By picking up a few of these products you can make spa day a much more regular thing. A little bit of aromatic, refreshing hand cream could even be a daily thing!

Here’s our suggested line-up of products to help elevate your at-home spa day:

Soothe the whole body and senses in a Grapefruit & Blood Orange Bubbling Milk Bath. Fragrant citrus extracts are one of nature’s natural mood-boosters, packed with Vitamin C & B5.

Key ingredients: grapefruit and orange extracts, coconut oil, milk, honey, and almond oil.

Exfoliate and renew your skin with the Sugar Beet & Blossom Fine Salt Scrub. Beets are rich in nature’s cell renewing phytocompounds found deep within its roots. Helping to hydrate and lock in moisture, your skin will feel nurtured and baby soft.

Key ingredients: beet root extract, avocado oil, carrot oil and cocoa butter.

Pamper your toes and soles with the Rosemary & Mint Pumice Foot Scrub. Made with natural volcanic pumice stone, this scrub is an intensely exfoliating, quick-fix formula that sloughs even the roughest skin away.

Key ingredients: pumice stone and a revitalizing blend of essential oils.

Hydrate all over post-bath with the Wild Ginger & Agave Whipped Body Butter. Post-soak.

Key ingredients: ginger & agave extracts, agave extract, cocoa butter, mango butter, shea butter, coconut oil.

Post bath, don’t forget to re-hydrate from the inside out. Infuse a glass of water with cucumber & lemon water or prepare a cup of warm ginger tea.

Are you at home or are you at the spa? We’re not sure either.

Now, if you’re already too relaxed to leave the house, you can find our selection of Cottage Greenhouse products on our website for at-home spa days all winter long. 

Here’s to a refreshed & restored you in 2019.

How do you find moments of relaxation at home during these cold months? What is your ultimate at-home spa day experience that helps to refresh your body, mind , and spirit? Read our latest blog post: A Guide to a Soothing At-Home Spa Day.

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Each of the products featured:
-contain up to 98% natural ingredients 
-contain no parabéns 
-are never animal tested 
-are made with plant infusions chosen for their therapeutic properties and benefits