Sweet September

Journal | August 30, 2017

The passage from late summer into autumn is bitter sweet – in so many ways.

But, what happens when we focus on solely the sweet? Not only the pleasure of warm beverages and soft woolens, but the feeling and energy that autumn brings – that ultimately allows us to appreciate the magic of the season.

Turn your attention to the quiet of the first cool days of fall that then grow louder as the fallen leaves begin to dry and the wind blows just a little stronger from the north. Light becomes more diffuse and shadows grow long and less defined, giving everything it touches dramatic clarity. Every creature is bustling in the ground and in the trees and the smell of toasted grass and wood fill the air from farmers fields afar.

Enjoy this new wallpaper! We hope it helps you as we enter the cooler seasons to focus on what makes this time sweet to you!

Download our wallpaper here.