The Mantle

Lifestyle | December 6, 2016

For those lucky enough to have one, the fireplace and mantle is where all will gather during these cold months. It is the centre of the home with it’s warmth and glow. It can be quite the task to adorn it in a way that compliments the rest of the home, including the tree. Check out our tips below on how to decorate your mantle this holiday.


For a beautiful mantle any time of year, the key is balance (not symmetry).

Always start with your garland, as it is the base. Here we kept it very light and airy with a draping cedar garland. This helped to determine the direction of everything else. Lights are next! Weave them through your garland for that holiday sparkle.



White mercury glass candle holder

Now for the top of the mantle. Use varying heights for interest and keep in mind the balance of one side to the other. You can use symmetry if you like, but you can still achieve balance while having things asymmetrical.

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