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Bring Spring Indoors

Bring Spring Indoors

The snow is melting away and, if you’re like us, you’re feeling like you need a fresh start indoors. So throw open your windows, let the cool breeze roll in, and start refreshing your home with these 5 simple tips:


There’s nothing that makes your home feel lighter than eliminating unwanted toys, clothes, and decorations. It might mean donating a box to charity or finding a way to make those items feel more organized, instead of falling to the usual dumping zone. 

A couple beautiful woven baskets are a simple way to contain messes while still suiting the space.

Our recommendation: Woven Baskets 


Who doesn’t love the smell of spring? It’s light and crisp, and it reminds of the warm days ahead. You can bring that same sprightly feeling to your home with a simple new fragrance!

We would suggest a pineapple and cilantro diffuser. It’s a mix of tropical, floral, and pepper—perfect spring vibes. You should also check out our full selection of wonderful spring-scented candles in store. 

Our recommendation: Pineapple and Cilantro Diffuser 


Add Flowers

As flowers start to bloom and colour our yards, there’s no reason they can’t do the same inside! We absolutely love fresh cut flowers, but if you’re looking for a more lasting pop of colour in your home, artificial flowers can brighten it up just the same.

Rearrange your Coffee Table

Your coffee table serves a purpose, but it’s also a statement piece. Adding or changing a few items on it can make the whole room feel new. Think about adding some bright colours with a placemat, a house plant, or a couple new coffee table books! One of our favourites is Joanna Gaines’ Homebody, and we’re confident you’ll feel even more inspired after giving it a read.

Our recommendation: Homebody 


One of the quickest and easiest ways to rejuvenate a space is to rearrange some of your existing home decor and accessories around. Don’t be afraid to add a few new trinkets and touches to your bookcases, mantles, and side tables. You can also treat yourself and add a new item or two to your collection! A cute pink votive or this gold metal bird tray are simple additions that can add some extra joy to your space.

Our recommendation: Metal Bird Tray


Most importantly, your home should always feel like your place to recharge. Give yourself the time and space to see new ideas through, and soon your home will feel as fresh and welcoming as the spring season!

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