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Pineridge Hollow Health & Safety Measures

Fri, Mar 13, 20

Pineridge Hollow Health and Safety
COVID-19 Pandemic

"We recognize that life can be depleting. We have designed a destination to enrich life so that you can be fully engaged, creating memories that last."

As a team we wrote our new mission statement 4 months ago, little did we know that this would be tested to the level we are experiencing as a society with the COVID-19 pandemic. After much discussion, our team has determined that the best way for us to take care of our family (staff and guests alike) is to temporarily close our doors to the public. The health and safety of our community is of utmost importance and we feel closing our doors to the public for now is the best decision.

With unprecedented circumstances come so many questions;

What actions do we take to take care of each other? In the midst of uncertain times how do we focus on the larger community and not just take care of ourselves? How do we create memories in this time? How do we enrich life during these challenges? How do we focus on engaging with the people most important to us rather than allowing ourselves to obsess and worry about what might be? How do we model resilience and courage to our children? How do we move forward?
Pineridge Hollow has always been a place of quiet comfort, inspiration, connection and care. We continue to hold these values and are looking for ways that we can comfort and inspire in these uncertain times. We have always supported local and have always believed it is important to know where and how your food is grown. Our small businesses need our support now more than ever.
As a team we have brainstormed about how we can best take care of our family which includes our work family and you, our guests. With that being said, we want to offer ways for our community to feel cared for, giving opportunity for delicious meals that you don’t have to cook yourself.

Beginning on Friday, March 20th, we will be offering prepared meals, baked goods and other Pineridge staples (yes, this includes beet chips) for delivery or pick up.

 Orders will be placed online with the option of choosing pick up or delivery. Please stay tuned for more details on what will be offered as well as our specific delivery and pick up details.We would love your feedback on what you would most like to see included in our program.

 Our online retail store will also remain open and we will be working hard this week to get as many new products up on the site. Our retail orders will be eligible for the same free delivery schedule as our prepared meals. Other deliveries and in store pickups will remain as they are.


Wishing you and your family health & comfort,

Jan Regehr



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