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  • Valentine's Day Menu 2020

    Valentine's Day Menu 2020

    Let's be honest, food has a special place in our hearts and we're not just saying that because we love to eat. Food plays a part in so many special...

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  • New Year's Eve 2019

    It's one of the biggest celebrations of the year, and perhaps one of the times we allow ourselves to be the fanciest! Invite your friends or family to join you...

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    New Year's Eve 2019
  • Tablescaping for the Holidays

    Tablescaping for the Holidays

    First of all, you might be thinking -"what exactly is a tablescape and what is its purpose?" Well a tablescape is like setting the scene for your occasion, it's a...

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  • I'm Dreaming of a GREEN Christmas...

    With eco-concious decisions becoming more prominent and common practice, we thought what better way to participate than to look for simple changes in one of the busiest times of the...

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    I'm Dreaming of a GREEN Christmas
  • 2019 Gift Guide for Him

    2019 Gift Guide for Him

    1. Portfolio - $28, Designworks Ink For the guy that's organized (or maybe the guy that needs to be!), this sleek portfolio features an expandable pocket, elastic closure, pen holder...

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