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About US

We invite you to visit us any time of the year.

Nestled just outside of Manitoba’s scenic Bird’s Hill Provincial Park, our turn-of-the-century style Carriage House sits amongst six acres of gardens, ponds, flowers and peaceful property for you to roam and enjoy. We are a popular destination for locals hoping to escape the city or tourists looking for a unique prairie experience.

Since opening in 1992, we have been committed to offering our guests not only great home-cooked meals, but also the highest quality and value in every product we sell. Since then, our dedication to quality and positive guest experience has only grown stronger.

Our Story

This site is another miracle itself.

In June of 1992, Janice Regehr opened Pineridge Hollow on her family’s acreage 1 1/2 miles away on Vernon Road. A 1920s log home was converted into a quaint country gift shop that was home to many locally hand-crafted items and unique giftware. In 1995, the turn-of-the-century style Carriage House was built on the same acreage to accommodate our growing number of guests and our grand ideas.

On June 9, 1999 we moved the Carriage House to our existing site. This was no small feat, as the Hydro lines that needed to be raised in order for the Carriage House to pass under was originally quoted at $50 000. This was enough to stop our plans, but prayers were answered and we were able to move the Carriage House on a day when Manitoba Hydro was doing a project that required them to divert power from those major lines. Hydro told us that this (diverting power) had never been done before and probably never would be again. The mover also told us that ours was the largest building he had ever moved. Yes, we believe in miracles...

This site is another miracle itself. This 6 acre parcel of land was a partially-mined gravel pit. What is now the amphitheatre was about 3 times the size; so needless to say, a lot of earth was being moved around! We began to landscape in the spring of ‘99 and everything looked incredible by the time we opened on July 30. In total, we did a major overhaul in about 51 days- it was a very intense and exciting time.

We made another grand leap when we opened up another store location on Academy Road in Winnipeg in 2002.

There, we set up shop in a grand old home that was a wonderful extension and reflection of our rural location. We met many loyal guests and loved our time there. But after 6 great years, we found out that the home was going up for sale, and were faced with a tough decision: should we renew our lease with a new building owner or should we look for another Winnipeg location? We had a look around the city and ultimately decided that we wanted to stay ‘home’. The original Pineridge Hollow blueprints include much more than what we currently are now, so we decided to begin the process of realizing those dreams. In January of 2009 we closed our Academy Road doors and immediately got right to the drawing board to imagine, draw, erase and organize the plans for the next step towards our ‘Pineridge Hollow Dream’ – the furniture showroom.

Since opening in 1992, we have been committed to offering guests not only great home-cooked meals, but also high quality and value in every product we sell. October 15, 2009 marked the grand opening of our 2000 sq.ft. furniture showroom and our dedication to quality and positive guest experience has only grown stronger. Each furniture supplier we showcase has been carefully selected to ensure every furniture piece, from a luxurious down-filled sofa to a solid hardwood Canadian-made dining set, meets both high-quality and high-value expectations for staff and guests alike.

We are extremely proud to offer our guests a unique experience in a unique setting whether it be celebrating a special occasion in our restaurant, shopping for new furniture or a small gift in our store, or attending a wedding on our grounds.

"Our mission is to be recognized as the leader of experience-based dining, shopping and lodging. Constant improvement is our guide as we continue to grow our business, allowing us to prosper for the benefit of our guests, employees and community."

Guiding Values

Pineridge Hollow believes that all people are uniquely created — people are our most important asset. Every person who works at Pineridge Hollow contributes to the work in progress. It is an organic process — never finished, always growing and becoming better, stronger and wiser as fresh ideas are applied.


We believe the joy in working together with other like-minded individuals towards a common goal is one of the great blessings in life. At Pineridge Hollow, we value the tribe and seek to facilitate healthy community as a way of being.

Integrity & Transparency

The successful person at Pineridge Hollow is one who values truth and fairness. This person will not cover up issues but in confidence will seek to solve issues in a supportive environment.

Value & Quality

These terms are married under Pineridge Hollow’s philosophy. We believe that you cannot give a customer value if you do not have a quality product. We strive to sell products (both in our restaurant and store) that are high quality and fairly priced. “Pretentious” pricing is frowned upon — people should not overpay for an item because we artificially inflate the value.


There are many measures of success, including providing for employees, guest experience, positive food reviews, raving customers etc… Ultimately, profit is the gauge for how well and how efficiently we serve our guests. Profits are required for us to survive and grow.

The Prairies, the lakes, the fields…the Earth

Taking care of God’s good earth is the right thing to do. Efficiency is the common ally of business and the environment, while wastefulness is the enemy. At Pineridge Hollow geothermal heating and cooling is used year-round, we shop local, we grow organic herbs and vegetables, we run a local farmers’ market, buy Canadian and North American whenever possible for the store and we seek out suppliers who are kind to the environment.