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Taste the Prairies

Here at Pineridge Hollow we celebrate the prairies and the people of the prairies. We choose to celebrate Manitoba’s distinct seasons and the land we live in rather than stew over the fact that we can’t get garden tomatoes in February (the freezing months make that first bite of garden tomato taste sooo much better!).

  • We believe in supporting local growers and producers. We are proud to feature the talents of our neighbours!
  • We believe that our climate, our soil conditions and our water all make prairie produce unique and wonderful.
  • At Pineridge Hollow we are delighted to share wholesome, delicious and comforting food with our guests.
  • We believe you should have a beautiful place to get away from it all, a place that celebrates with you and comforts you.
  • We believe in solid wood tables and chairs, local eggs, kitchen cutting gardens, real cream and fresh flowers…


We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. Breakfast is served from 9am to 12pm. Lunch is served from 11am to 5pm, and dinner is served from 5pm to 10pm.

Reservations are strongly recommended as it guarantees you a table in our restaurant. Reservations can be made here, on our website, only (you can find the link at the top left of this page). We accept reservations for groups up to a maximum of 8 people. Larger groups are welcome to reserve our whole second level for a rental fee of $1,000.

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions;

1. I know you recommend reservations, but can I show up without one?

Reservations are recommended as it guarantees you a table in our restaurant. We do also welcome walk-in traffic. We take walk-ins as best as we can handle them based on how busy the restaurant is. We cannot guarantee what the wait time will be when you walk-in.

2. What happens when I show up as a walk-in?

You may be seated immediately if your entire party is present and we have an available table or we add your name and phone number to our wait list and our host provides you with an estimated time range for your seating. You are welcome to shop in the store or tour the grounds while you wait for your table. You will be contacted via text message when your table is ready.

3. Can I be added to a cancelation list?

Due to our location and how busy we are, we do not run a cancelation list.

4. Where will I be sitting?

We do not guarantee specific tables however you can note your preference and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

5. Can I add people to my existing reservation?

When making a reservation it is always best to assume that everyone will be dining with you and make your reservation for the maximum number of people you will be expecting. Keep in mind that our maximum party size is 8 people. If you need to make a change to your party size you can leave us a message by calling 204-777-3881 ext. 141.

6. Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Our menus notes all dishes that our celiac friendly or can be easily adjusted to accommodate that dietary restriction. We also have a number of vegetarian options. We do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies as best we can. If you are unsure if you will be able to dine here at all, please contact us via email at ahead of time so that we can ensure proper communication with our chefs ahead of time.

7. Can I bring a cake?

All outside food coming into our restaurant needs to come from a certified kitchen (Manitoba restaurant food policy). If that is the case, you are welcome to do so. There is a $1.50 per person plating fee.

8. Do you offer rentals for private events?

We are happy to discuss options for larger private parties as we are always excited to help you celebrate a special occasion. Please email us with information about your event, including the number of people and preferred dates to In order to book a private space there is a rental fee of $1,000.

We are honoured to have you as our guest and wish you God’s richest blessings.

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