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    Rachel Isaak

    Rachel Isaak


    Rachel has been learning about cooking since the day she was brought home from the hospital. She spent most of her childhood in either a kitchen or garden.

    Becoming Chef at Pineridge Hollow was a natural fit, aligning with her own philosophies and allowing her to pursue her own cooking goals by partnering with local farmers & suppliers.

    Rachel's works closely with Oak Knoll Farm to design the menu and showcase ingredients that are in season.

    Connor Loechner

    Connor Loechner


    Connor is the creative behind all of our desserts and baking. She constantly brings in unique techniques, bold flavours and always has something new to try!

    A lifelong sweet tooth is what drove Connor to a career in pastry, as well as her love for bringing joy to others through baking.

    Her dessert menu is influenced by the changes in seasons and the produce that becomes available throughout the year.

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