“We are extremely proud to offer our guests a unique experience in a unique setting.”

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Here at Pineridge Hollow we celebrate the prairies and the people of the prairies. We choose to celebrate Manitoba's distinct seasons and the land we live in.

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Celebrate Your Day

The big star filled prairie sky, our lovely flower gardens, and amphitheatre all come alive to provide a perfectly serene backdrop perfect for a wedding or celebration.

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Last Minute Gift Ideas

Journal | December 11, 2018

  There are three kinds of Christmas shoppers: one, those who are done their Christmas shopping in October (who ARE you people??); two, those who realize they’ve forgotten their beloved …

Christmas Baking

Journal | December 11, 2018

Christmas without baking is like Bert without Ernie; like a cupcake without icing; like our beet chips without our homemade goat cheese ranch dip (have you checked out Chef Colin’s …

New Years Eve Dinner 2018

Journal | December 10, 2018

Join us for our annual New Years Eve formal dinner, a gourmet four courses curated and crafted by our chefs using ingredients from our farm. The dinner will begin at …

Holidays at the Hollow

Holiday | November 14, 2018

  Each season brings joy to us here at Pineridge Hollow: spring, when our plant bulbs and beloved animals get to poke themselves out of their cozy winter hideaways; summer, …

A Pineridge Hollow Buyer

Journal | November 13, 2018

What is a buyer? Who is a buyer? What do they do? A buyer sounds like a pretty cool position to have (and it really is!), but it’s one of …

A Reflection on Thankfulness

Journal | October 5, 2018

  I am thankful for a day that reminds me to stop and count my blessings. Thankfulness, gratitude, appreciation, gratefulness, hopeful, gladsome, light hearted, upbeat…. These words are all synonymous …