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The Village

The Village at Pineridge Hollow



Pineridge Hollow is excited to announce our latest endeavour; The Village at Pineridge Hollow. The Village will be located just west of our existing parking lot and will consist of two large buildings, each housing six individual shops, as well as a large covered structure to house the farmers' market.


The Village is one of our most exciting expansions to date as it allows us to partner with like minded people who share our vision and want to realize their own dreams. The Village at Pineridge Hollow will be a space to create exceptional guest experience, encourage collaboration, and engage in a growing community.


As we take this next step, we are excited at the prospect of looking back to our roots in order to look forward into our future. Focusing on local has always been a value of ours and is something that will continue on a whole other level with The Village. Community and collaboration is also a huge focus of ours. Since the beginning, the idea of community and creating experience has always been of high value. This includes offering our guests a range of things to do such as shop, dine, explore nature, get hands on with workshops, celebrate, and more.



Shops will include:

Farm-Fresh Grocery Store


Children's Shop

Wellness Shop

Antique Shop

Coffee Shop

Artisan Goods

Food & Drinks

And more!

In addition to these offerings we will have a large covered structure for our Farmers' Market, allowing it to expand! A designated studio space for all of our classes and workshops will also be a part of The Village.